TRAILS Has Ceased Publication

CRAWL2 Media has ceased publishing TRAILS Magazine with Issue 13. Though well received, this new title was unable to grow to its full potential in the current publishing landscape.

Several popular elements of the title will be moved into CRAWL, the company’s 16 year primary title with its worldwide reach. CRAWL will continue to provide the finest in photography, engaging editorial and the sleek, clean look that has been the hallmark of offroad publishing.

For a limited time, TRAILS back issues and merchandise will be available at a discounted price allowing you to fill out your collection. Check the links at the three bar menu above.

For more information, contact CRAWL2 Media at or you can reach out through the customer contact page at

Finally, thank you for being part of TRAILS.


TRAILS Magazine speaks to individuals that are planning their 4x4 adventure. We bring our readers the latest in gear & tech to avoid making expensive mistakes as they learn to use their 4x4 vehicle to bring them to new places. Readers learn how to pick a line on a trail, buy the right tire, use recovery equipment safely and bring the family on adventures previously only dreamed about. TRAILS Magazine is the guide to doing it right the first time.

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